How to choose your prom dress?

Tick-tack… it’s almost prom time and you haven’t find your dress yet? How should it look like? Which material is the best? Which color will look better on you? There are so many online stores selling prom dresses. You cannot say you didn’t find beautiful prom dresses, especially if you’ve already visited the Sherry London store. They have more than 500 hundred dresses for this occasion, so your dress might right there and you haven’t seen it. Allow me to give you some tips to make your choice easier. 

1. Vintage or light colors for innocence

You do not have to wear extravagant dresses, if you feel they do not fit you. If you’re a shy girl, you can wear this kind of vintage prom dress. It’s so simple, but also elegant, that will make you feel very natural and comfortable. In addition, vintage clothes always attract attention. Want to keep your innocence and still look feminine and fabulous? Try wearing light colors, like white, dust pink, orchid or this kind of blue prom dress

blue prom dress

2. Wear red if you’re passional

Is red your favourite color, the one who always makes you smile and feel loved? A red prom dress should be your choise. It does not matter if you prefer short, medium or long dresses, it is important to wear the color that says something about you. Passional women wear red and men love red clothes 🙂 . A red dress will definitely send him the right prom dress

3. You can’t fail wearing black

Are you afraid you will not be able to match correctly the dress with the shoes or with your clutch? Wear a black prom dress! Remember what designers say about little black dress. You can not screw up wearing it. Also, black is known as the most elegant color. One shoulder, off-the-shoulder, A-line or mermaid style, it’s your choise!

black prom dress

4. Don’t spend all your money on a prom dress

I agree  prom is a special occasion, but you don’t have and you shouldn’t spend all your money on a dress for one night. Remember you also need shoes, a clutch an jewelry! Sure you want to look fabulous, but if you search carefully, I’m sure you will find a beautiful cheap prom dress. By cheap I mean a dress which price is under $100. Look at this knee lenght dress with lace! Isn’t it adorable? Click on the photo! You will love the price.

cheap prom dress

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in that dress because the prom is not all about clothes, it’s also about memories. I’m sure you don’t want to remember, after years, that you misses a lot of danses because your dress was too long or too tight!



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