3 new summer dresses on my Zaful wishlist

Dou you remember Zaful? It’s one of my favourite online stores when it comes for clothes. Why? Because they have a lot of beautiful products, small prizes, big sales and I can also use points I gained from different activities to get discounts. That’s why today I returned to Zaful and checked the new arrivals. I have found a few great summer dresses, all made of cotton. Cotton is a must when I buy summer clothes because it doesn’t keep me warm as other materials do. Want to see which are my favourite dresses, the ones I have already ordered today? Let’s see!

favourite summer dresses

Turqoaise Knotted Floral Cami Dress

It’s a spaghetti strap slip dress for summer. The color is perfect and I love and is wide enough to feel perfectly free when you wear it. Although is a midi dress, it’s not one of this dresses made just for skinny girls because it perfectly hides silhouette’s imperfections.

Turqoaise Knotted Floral Cami Dress

Click here for more photos of it. You will see the material looks great and you will also discover that it’s part of a promotion called buy 3 get 30%OFF. All my three dresses are included in this promotion, so I got 30% discout for each ot them.

Olive Tie Front Tassels Mini Dress

What I liked the most about this dress was the material. It looks so soft and fluid and I can’t wait to get it and try it on. I hope I am not wrong. Loot at it! Isn’t it nice with those spaghetti straps designed with playful tassels?

Olive Tie Front Tassels Mini Dress

It’s simple enough to be worn as a casual outfit, but you can also wear it when you go out beecause it’s not an ordinary dress. Those pieces of material, covering the breast zone, tied and forming a knot, took care of this.

White Plunge Cap Sleeve Floral Wrap Dress

White is my favourite (non)color for summer. It makes the heat more bearable and it looks amazing on fresh tanned skin. So, here is a beautiful white dress, made of cotton blends, with floral red pattern. White and red! They are perfect together.

White Plunge Cap Sleeve Floral Wrap Dress

It a midi (almost short) A-line wrap dress, the kind you will want to take with you on vacation, to wear in on the beach. Easy to take it on, easy to take it off! 😀

Like my dresses? Which one is your favourite? Looking for more summer dresses like this? You can find them at a good price on Zaful.com. Keep in mind that the shipping is free worldwide for orders over $49.


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